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17 October 2022 – Written by Valentin Huber – in ctf, injection, sql, and web


TODO: finish Konohagakure’s homepage

The link led to a website that showed a login form. Any username/password combination entered allowed a login, leading to a page with the following content and a link to log out:

Y0u g07 |7 <0ngr47$[]



The password field allows SQL injection. So entering ' OR 1==1 -- would allow you to log in and show the following:

Y0u g07 |7 <0ngr47$

It seems like the empty square brackets in the original output was the output of a SQL query of the passwords database. (Also: Don’t store passwords in plain text maybe? 🤷‍♂️)

Using sqlmap, I found out that this is a SQLite installation.


Using a UNION, we can append any further SQL query with the same amount of rows on the database to the output, exfiltrating any data we want. To find out how many rows are actually queried (this doesn’t have to be the same as the printed output), we can add a ,1 to ' OR 1==1 UNION SELECT 1,1,[…] -- and check whether or not we get an output (no output means an SQL error). We confirm that the original query has two parameters.

SQL databases generally have a table that stores all available tables in the database. By querying this table, we can see what data might be available. The query here is ' UNION SELECT 1, name FROM sqlite_schema --. I am no longer bypassing the login to only get the new data. This returns:

Y0u g07 |7 <0ngr47$

The id is always 1 (as we queried 1 for the first row), while the password field actually contains the table names: customers, data, media_types, sqlite_sequence, users.

Next, I wanted to query data. To be able to do this, I first needed the column names. Fortunately, SQLite provides a macro that gets those for any table (other databases usually have a table for this). Query: ' UNION SELECT 1, name FROM pragma_table_info('data') -- Result:

Y0u g07 |7 <0ngr47$

Again, the password field is the interesting one. So we got columns id, label, and otp. id seems the least interesting, so I queried label and otp: ' UNION SELECT label, otp FROM data --. This returned a lot of data (~100000 rows), so here are the first few:

Y0u g07 |7 <0ngr47$

The first label entry seemed interesting here (MZWGCZ33NAYGWYLHGNPWINDUORSWENDZGB6Q====). It seems to be some sort of encoding. The ==== might indicate base64, but it has too many =s and only upper case letters, so I tried base32, and got: